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Fast and flexible team scale-up
Maritime intelligence company (UK)
IT staff augmentation
Maritime intelligence platform for vessel performance monitoring and optimization.


The client is a maritime intelligence company with offices in the US and UK. They developed a suite of data-driven solutions that help global players in the maritime industry — from ship owners and fleet operators to logistics conglomerates — optimize vessel performance and voyage planning and meet compliance and environmental goals. Powered by advanced analytics and ML algorithms, the client’s integrated platform provides real-time operational intelligence and decision support to such companies as TotalEnergies, Shell, Euronav, and dozens more.

In 2022, the UK branch faced the need to quickly extend their tech teams and close the talent gap amid a constantly growing workload. They were looking for a reliable nearshore vendor who could not only meet high standards and provide skilled software engineers fast but also be able to flexibly respond to changes and scale up on demand.

IT staff augmentation
Interactive dashboards for tracking and analyzing major voyage parameters and building cost-effective route strategies.

Our role

Our task was to screen and select senior tech specialists with robust experience in the client’s industry, and to do it fast. The goal was to find top-tier engineers who would be the best for the job, all the while navigating changing project roadmap.

Relying on our proven IT staff augmentation process, we added the first senior React engineer to the client’s team within only weeks after receiving the requirements. We then extended several core teams with senior React, Python, and C# engineers and integrated a dedicated Delivery Manager who worked directly with the key stakeholders and tech teams ensuring smooth and timely deliveries.

Our specialists contributed to major components of the client’s cloud-based maritime data analytics platform, including a modern React-based portal, data processing pipelines, Azure backend, and DevOps.

Being able to quickly scale up and down IT staff on demand helped the client manage a growing workload efficiently and cost-effectively and adjust to changing development roadmap and business priorities.

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IT staff augmentation
Data pipelines to process sensor data and voyage metrics and transform them into actionable insights.

Fast and flexible IT staff augmentation

Our primary goal at the outset was to help the client quickly staff senior-level positions with experienced engineers. Along with high qualification requirements, the client was looking for capable specialists who could easily integrate into a fast-paced working environment and become a source of technical and process improvements. Speed, agility, and expertise were the cornerstones of our successful partnership. During our collaboration, we:

  • Screened and integrated 5 senior tech specialists into the client’s development, delivery, and data engineering teams.
  • Added robust frontend (React), backend (Python, AWS), and delivery expertise to the project able to bring practical advice to the table when needed.
  • Dynamically scaled up and scaled down the team and added new skilled engineers depending on changing project requirements, development roadmap, and business priorities, all the while keeping deliveries on schedule and staying on budget.
  • Flexibly adapted to changing workloads jumping to support several teams and sometimes adjusting schedules to bridge the communication gap between teams working in various time zones.
  • Navigated the client’s organizational and strategic changes enabling the company to quickly close talent gaps without going over budget.
  • Helped the client successfully migrate new services and tools into existing infrastructure and adapt their platform to shifting requirements.
IT staff augmentation
Powerful features and advanced analytics for route planning and weather forecast monitoring.

Accelerate the development of maritime intelligence platform

The client’s maritime intelligence platform offers powerful tools for vessel performance monitoring and optimization, route planning, and ship management helping fleet operators and ship owners maximize operational efficiency, optimize costs, reduce risks, and meet compliance and decarbonization goals. The platform gathers different types of data from various sources and uses an advanced data processing engine to generate useful insights.

Our specialists contributed to the evolution of the platform on several tracks, including:

  • Development and performance optimization of a React-based customer portal that provides key fleet metrics and data insights.
  • Development of interactive dashboards for tracking and analyzing major voyage parameters such as fuel consumption, weather events, passage costs, etc., building cost-effective route strategies, and reducing environmental impact.
  • Implementation and support of Databricks data pipelines that combine data from various sources (vessel sensors, control systems, reports, navigational charts) and different voyage metrics (weather, waves, fuel, speed, drift) and transform them into actionable insights.
  • Compilation of reports and alerts on vessel performance, fuel planning, and passage efficiency using various data sources.
  • Development of new features powered by advanced analytics for route planning and weather forecast monitoring.
  • Configuration and management of Azure services on a complex cloud-based platform.
  • Implementation of CI/CD with Azure DevOps.
  • Dedicated delivery management to implement the requirements of the platform’s key customers and ensure smooth, efficient, and timely deliveries.
IT staff augmentation
IT staff augmentation
Senior tech specialists integrated into several teams to develop, manage, and support the client's maritime intelligence platform.


  • Fast and flexible IT staff augmentation helps the client scale up several tech teams, dynamically respond to changing development roadmap, and avoid inflated IT costs.
  • 5 senior tech specialists (React engineers, Python engineers, a C# engineer, and a dedicated Delivery Manager) integrated into the client’s project to develop, manage, and support an Azure-based platform for maritime intelligence.
  • Multiple delivery goals achieved in only one year, including the release of new critical features for fleet monitoring, voyage tracking, and route management.
  • Performance optimization, code refactoring and improvement, and implementation of data pipelines.
  • Modern tech stack and engineering practices: JS, React, Redux, WebGL, MUI, Python, Microsoft Azure, CosmosDB, Databricks, Azure Datalake, Bitbucket, Git, Bash, Pytest, CI/CD.
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