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Let design become your competitive advantage. You can rely on our professional mobile and web design services to build a digital product that is practical, functional and beautiful at the same time.

Mobile and web design for your digital product

Design can become a powerful tool in capable hands. Clever design acts as an elegant solution to challenges and an instrument to achieving business goals. It communicates brand’s identity and strengthens its credibility, delights users and leaves a durable imprint of an efficient and at the same time enjoyable digital experience.

As a mobile and web design and development company, we understand the power of clever design and promote it in every digital product we work on. If you are looking for a team that could help you blend reliable performance, rich functionality and impeccable look and turn it all into human-centered design for your digital product, you are in the right place. Here’s why:

Why designing with Digiteum

We follow certain business principles and design practices that ensure predictably successful results for every project we take on.

Deep understanding
Profound research is what distinguishes custom website design services. We don’t simply collect requirements to build a good website that will do. Our team meticulously studies all the aspects of your future product. We learn about user expectations, habits and needs, explore the market, determine technology constraints to elaborate flawless experiences that would work for your business goals and leave all users satisfied.
Proactive problem solving
Digital product design is one of our major lines of expertise. Relying on our technology and business experience, we confidently step in any time we find a problem or see the room for improvement in your product. After all, as a client seeking professional website design services, you address to experts who could lead you to building a great product. We stick to proactive approach to be exactly that kind of experts.
True collaboration
Working with Digiteum, you will always be aware of where we are at with your product, how it looks and feels at every step of its creation. We promote transparency and build the iterative processes in the way that all the teams collaborate openly. On one hand, it helps the teams and stakeholders contribute and stay on the same page. On the other hand, it keeps the product up-to-date with the changing requirements.
Design devotees
Great products emerge at a crossroads of smart design and skillful engineering. As UX/UI devotees, we know a good design can make a difference, while a poor one can kill even the best functionality. Our goal is to use the power of design to translate even the most complex technical requirements into a smooth and easy digital experience.
Award-winning products
It takes a certain combination of skill and experience to create an award-winning design which is pixel-perfect, practical and anticipatory at the same time. We know it, because our web and app design team has, in fact, built a number of digital products which have received design awards and earned recognition from such respected companies as Apple and Oracle.
Fast project kick-off
The sooner we start, the faster we can test ideas, receive feedback and refine our design and development strategy based on real data. This is why we try to kick off the project as soon as we can, usually, within 1 week from the moment we start working with a client. Our team can ramp up and ramp down and adjust according to the changing environment on the project.

What Digiteum can do for you

We offer a wide range of services from professional web design and development to elaborating seamless experiences across different devices and interfaces including visual, voice and chat.

Web Design Services

Designing for web from website design and development service to building complex web platforms.

Mobile Application Design

iOS and Android mobile application design based on best practices and upcoming trends.

AI and Chatbot UX

Conversational UX and user-centered chat/voice interfaces.

Our UX/UI design process

Be it a website design and development project, dashboards for data visualization and analytics, Internet of Things systems or a consumer app, we always rely on a consistent and efficient design process. It includes a number of steps each with its own outcome and deliverables.

Analysis and understanding
We start with a profound analysis to understand the product. We conduct a series of stakeholder interviews, study your business goals and expectations, analyze the domain and competition around your future system. It allows us to collect basic requirements, outline challenges and determine the technology constraints we’ll be dealing with.
User research
As an experienced mobile and web development and design company, we place a particular focus on user research. Different business analysis techniques like empathy maps or vision boards help us learn as much as we can about your target audience. We identify personas, describe their characteristics and build user scenarios which demonstrate all possible activities and user journeys across the system.
Interactions and flow
Having user scenarios map and system requirements, we elaborate the information structure. Information architecture visualizes interactions and gives you the first look of the product’s pages and screens. Iteration by iteration, we move to paper prototypes (sketches) and then interactive wireframes, which already let you test the flow and functionality of the future system.
Visual design
At the final stage of the process we finalize user interface – add color, typography, brand’s style and identity features to the system design and deliver ready-to-use mockups for the front-end development. Either we provide professional custom website design services, build a mobile app or uplift an outdated system, we always create interfaces with SEO and design best practices in mind.

Design process visualized

Featured projects

For over a decade in software development, we have been working on diverse projects across various industries and provided different services from responsive web design service to building user experience for chatbots.

Uber connectivity concept driven to health and wellness. Doña Shine and Doña Rise apps connect yoga instructors and students just like Uber connects drivers with passengers. Based on Salesforce, both apps are rich in features, including elaborated profiles, in-app payment, video sessions, real-time scheduling, personalized feed, events and appointments.

We have been providing software design and development services including website design services to one of the leading photo companies in the U.S. for almost a decade. The company has scaled up its business, introduced dozens of new online services on web and mobile, increased the number of customers by millions and significantly increased its profit over these years.

Digiteum has provided Nextgate with professional web design and development services and created custom UI for Nextgate EHR data quality manager. Flexible, simple and functional, this user interface has minimum dependencies between its modules, which allows easy layout configuration and integration with Nextgate clients' systems.

They trust us
World renowned brands choose us as a first on the list website design service company.

Need help with your product design?
If you are in search for an experienced mobile and web design and development company, you can find everything you need here. Check our services and browse through our portfolio to see what we can do. Contact us and let’s start working on your project.
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