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We are people-first and believe that a healthy work-life balance is a way to reach high productivity, job satisfaction, and great results.
Tech excellent
We are strong advocates of functional pixel-perfect design, efficient engineering practices, and technical excellence.
Our clients have goals, and our clients’ customers have needs. We focus on finding the best technical or design solutions for both.
We are flexible
We are supportive
We are people-first
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Recruitment process

Intro call with our HR and recruiting specialist
learn about the company and find answers to key questions about the role, team, project, process, etc.
Tech interview with senior tech specialists
talk to leading tech specialists on the project/in the company and learn about competence, skills, tech stack, etc.
Interview with management/client
get to know the management team and the key touchpoints on the project

Verified candidate

Applied as Sales Development Representative

Thank you very much for your approach

I honestly admit that such a professional recruitment process is a pleasure.

5.0 Great

employee testimonial

This is the best company I have worked for. Relatively small but the size is perfect. And the best team and managers I have ever seen. Everything works like a clock. It is also a really good environment for growth, the company is full of professional and great people. I highly recommend working here.


Senior Software Engineer

I would definitely recommend Digiteum as a workplace. I appreciate the onboarding communication, especially since it was carried out entirely remotely. I had a lot of independence, confidence and space on my project. I could propose my own solutions, improve processes, develop and prove myself.


Test Engineer

Great atmosphere, flat hierarchy, mutual respect, fun managers and the trust they had in me. I wish for the same atmosphere in every workplace.


Talent Sourcer

It’s hard to say what I like in Digiteum the most. I can honestly discuss all my questions with my boss. I can come up with my ideas and implement them in my work. I don’t need to wait too long for any decision. The owners take care of people, their needs, and projects. It’s nice to work in a fast-growing environment like this.


Talent Manager

I love the flexibility. There’s no bureaucracy which means that everything can be solved fast and easily and you always get the feedback you need. And of course, our warm informal environment.


Project Manager

Our insights

Learn about our people, routines, and vibes across departments and teams
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A few ideas why Digiteum could be the next big step in your career…or not, you’ll probably figure it out once you read this one.
Congratulations, You Are Hired!
Now What?
Quick survival guide for the new hires at Digiteum that will make onboarding a little less terrifying and a lot more terrific.
Why Didn’t We Start This Whole Coworking Thing Earlier?
Team Poland gets together at a cozy coworking space in Gdańsk. And it seems to be working for everyone. Check what our folks say about it.
Get to know us better


Everything you wanted to know about joining Digiteum but were afraid to ask
Are you really remote-friendly?
Yes, these are not just fancy words for us. In fact, we were remote-friendly even before it became a thing. Right now, our people work in 8 European countries and counting – from home, at the office and coworking space, on workation or anywhere else they like. We actively support our teammates’ lifestyles and strive to create flexible environment that fits with their career and life goals.
Do you have a physical office in Poland?
We don’t have an office in Poland, yet. Instead, we have a dedicated coworking space in the center of Gdańsk where we meet every Tuesday, collab, geek out and catch up with everything that happened during the week. If you prefer office to home – don’t worry. We follow our team’s needs and monitor the market to find just the right place and time to launch an office.
When the physical office in Gdańsk opens, will I have to get back to office for good?
Nope. Once remote-friendly, always remote-friendly. Even when we have a shiny office up and running, you can still choose to work remotely. You might want to pop in for team building events and meet folks in person every now and then though.
What does your recruitment process look like?
You can expect a fairly standard recruitment process that consists of several steps depending on the role and project. That said, we usually hire tech specialists for a specific project with focus on long-term collaboration. So you won’t be benched once hired, that’s for sure. The process itself goes like this. You will start with an intro call with our recruitment team, go through an in-house tech interview with senior tech specialists, and then another interview with the client’s team or in-house management. You may get a quick test task if you apply for a tech role, but only for the recruiting purposes (not for commercial use). And get a job offer in the end! We never keep our potential teammates in the dark and make sure the process is as transparent and quick as possible.
Who will be on my team?
It depends. Most of our clients have mixed international teams in Europe and the US. So you can expect to work in a vibrant collaborative space and use your English skills a lot.


Digiteum is a battle-tested team with over 50 senior engineers on board. We have experts with degrees in math and computational linguistics, engineers with 15+ years of experience, big data wizards, and simply folks who have been places and seen things.
We are not always looking for particular specialists. But we are always looking for talented people. If you are one of them, just drop us a line.
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