Internet of Things (IoT) Development Services

We help companies use the full potential of Internet of Things and offer IoT development services for any industry and vertical.

Build your IoT solutions with Digiteum

We offer a wide range of IoT software development services from middleware engineering and IoT data pipeline architecture to building sleek and practical web and mobile applications for the users of connected systems.


Augment your team

Digiteum can help you bring your IoT project to life faster. You have the skills and talent in place and look for an IoT software development company to outsource IoT development and speed up the launch of your system? We offer a wide range of services including firmware and IoT application development, ETL, data analytics and visualization, etc. We can start as soon as next week.

Develop IoT Applications

Need a team skilled at IoT app development? Digiteum has immense experience in creating interfaces across web, mobile, voice and chat. We can design and develop convenient and functional web and mobile applications that will help users to easily navigate through your system and make sense of the data it collects.

Build MVP and PoC

If you are working on a novel Internet of Things product development and looking for an IoT development company to implement your ideas, you are in the right place. We will help you define the critical features for your MVP, find the right balance between basic functionality and uniqueness, and build the test version of your system at optimum cost, in a short time.

Check Our IoT Projects

Open case study

We built a SaaS telemetry solution for a Finnish technology agency. This solution enables device monitoring and management, provides full transparency and control over the registered software and hardware performance and ensures the health of the IT infrastructure.

Open case study

Digiteum provided Internet of Things development services to a US provider of energy management and storage solutions. Together, we've built a complex IoT system that enables responsive management of household power consumption, storage and pricing and offers unprecedented visibility in energy usage.

Open case study

Digiteum has implemented custom big data visualization, analytics and management for an audio augmentation platform. Using the gained insights, our US-based client can make data-driven decisions, increase conversions, optimize services and improve customer engagement.

IoT Technologies We Use

We have rich technical skills and broad experience in Internet of Things software development. But enough is never enough. Our engineers are constantly on the edge of innovation and trends—we study the latest frameworks and platforms for IoT solution development and are always able to select the most reasonable and cost-effective tools for our clients.

Hardware programming

  • C/C++
    Some of the most popular languages used in system/application software and embedded firmware development. Systems built with these languages show excellent speed, performance and efficiency.Looking for a C/C++ developer? 
  • Golang
    Open-source programming language, it’s perfect for building a scalable and multifunctional IoT system that requires cross platform compatibility and connecting multiple devices.Looking for a Golang developer? 
  • C#
    This programming language is great for Internet of Things application development on Raspberry Pi or other boards and useful for implementing Windows 10 IoT to build prototype projects and add sensors and cameras to your system.Looking for a C# developer? 
  • Scala and more
    This is a general purpose language perfect both for building basic no-screen connected devices on Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc. and large scalable projects. Looking for a Scala developer? 

  • Raspberry Pi
    Low-cost, minimal-size board, Raspberry Pi is one of the most widely used hardware in IoT development. It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and works for both prototypes and large-scale projects.Looking for Raspberry Pi engineer? 
  • Arduino
    Easy-to-deploy board with an open-source electronics platform, Arduino allows to build low-power IoT devices and add connectivity and sensor capabilities to existing hardware.Looking for an Arduino engineer? 
  • BeagleBone
    BeagleBone is a an open-source platform with a wide range of boards including BeagleBone AI board to add intelligence to everyday objects and introduce automation to industrial, commercial and smart home applications. Looking for a BeagleBone engineer? 
  • CHIP and more
    CHIP is a versatile board with embedded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 radios which enables wide connectivity options and allows to integrate multiple sensors, motor and other actuators to your IoT system. Looking for a CHIP engineer? 
Big Data collection
and processing

  • Apache Hadoop
    Multifunctional data management framework which helps make sense of IoT data — store, secure, analyze and transform data into actionable insights. Looking for an Apache Hadoop expert? 
  • Apache Kafka
    It’s an open-source streaming platform that helps build real-time data pipelines and stream IoT applications. Apache Kafka works best with large influx of data coming from multiple sources, e.g. connected devices and sensors.Looking for an Apache Kafka expert? 
  • OpenTSDB
    This Scalable Time Series Database is perfect for gathering metrics from sensor-based IoT systems; it can handle billions of data point and process thousands of new data points per second.Looking for an OpenTSDB expert? 
  • Elasticsearch and more
    This search and analytics engine for various types of data together with other components of Elastic Stack (Logstash and Kibana) are used to collect, store, process, analyze and visualize IoT data.Looking for an Elastic Stack expert? 
Big Data analysis
and ML

  • Grafana
    Grafana offers a broad toolkit for visualizing and understanding IoT data and building versatile dashboards which help make sense of the data generated by connected systems. Looking for a Grafana expert? 
  • Spark ML
    The element of Apache Spark which allows to integrate machine learning capabilities to an IoT project. It offers various algorithms adjustable depending on the project’s specific and business objectives. Looking for a Spark ML expert? 
  • Python
    Python is widely used to build custom machine learning algorithms in IoT development and often is the best choice for a data-intensive connected system. Looking for a Python developer? 
  • SciPy
    This Python-based library helps solve complex data science problems in software development and allows to integrate intelligent algorithms into an IoT system.Looking for a SciPy expert? 
  • PyTorch and more
    The ecosystem of tools and libraries which help integrate different artificial intelligence applications to an IoT system including NLP and deep learning models. Looking for a PyTorch expert? 
Hire IoT developers
  • Proximity and presence
  • Temperature
  • Humidity and moisture
  • Water quality
  • Smoke detection
  • Motion and velocity
  • Chemical and gas
  • Infrared radiation
  • Acoustic, sound and vibration
  • Force, load and pressure
  • Electric and magnetic
  • Light (LDR), machine vision
and more ...

Our approach to the Internet
of Things Architecture

We understand that the successful IoT product development and launch largely depend on how accurately the future system addresses the client’s needs and requirements. Therefore, we pay particular attention to developing an original architecture for every IoT product we build.

Before IoT development even starts, we immerse into your business specifics, study project requirements and objectives, your infrastructure and the technologies you work with. Using our vast expertise and knowledge, we then can select the technology, solutions and digital tools for each building block of the new system.

IoT architecture consists of a set of modules that allow to connect things and enable secure data flow between system components. In custom software development for IoT, we adjust this model to your specific needs and ensure:

Efficiency—every system element works to full capacity.
Consistency—stable performance and uninterrupted data flow.
Scalability—the system can be scaled up or down on demand.
Security—specific tools secure the system from any external threat.

Why Digiteum?

Internet of Things is an extremely dynamic market. It offers endless opportunities for business to improve efficiency, transparency, security and resilience. However, development of IoT systems often requires solving a range of architectural and technical challenges—connectivity, data security, scalability, stability, etc. We rely on our extensive 14+ years of experience and in-depth understanding of business and technologies to solve these challenges and build custom IoT software solutions that meet high market standards and stay relevant over time.


Custom IoT applications we've built analyze more than 1.5 terabytes of data daily.

100 million users enjoy our mobile and web systems worldwide.

More than 3 million data points are aggregated and visualized on each dashboard we’ve built.

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