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inventory app Android
Enterprise Android app to improve inventory management.


For a wholesaler, manufacturer, retailer or logistic company, effective inventory management is the core of high performance and optimized money flow. Labor-intensive and time-consuming manual stocktaking and recording, which often lead to inaccurate accounting and mix-ups, seriously reduce the effectiveness of inventory practices. This often results in lost time, money and business opportunities.

Overfli Android app is a B2E (business to employee) app focused on reducing mistakes and streamlining inventory processes in different storage facilities — warehouses, industrial and assembly premises, etc.

The app is connected to professional scanners for inventory and helps employees automatically verify the stock and instantly fill in the reports. At the same time, the admin part of the application allows management to monitor and control inventory processes from the comfort of the office.

Android app for inventory
inventory app Android
Overfli app can operate both online and offline.

Technology behind the app

Kotlin-based smartphone app is integrated with Android scanners via custom SDK. The system is easy to learn and use, yet it is functional and provides a wide range of benefits and improvements for the inventory.

When an employee scans a barcode on an item, the app compares it against an original inventory checklist uploaded beforehand. Then, the system updates the employee about the status of the item, offers corrective steps if needed and automatically fills in the inventory report on the number of scanned parts and bins. Once the job is done, the checklist is automatically deleted to keep the app lightweight and not to clog it with unnecessary data.

Thanks to this workflow, Overfli app can operate both online and offline, which makes it convenient for large storage premises with an inconsistent WiFi connection or even lack of thereof. The system keeps the data on the scanned items in the phone until it finds a reliable connection and transfers it to the server. Therefore, the data is secured from loss or damage.

inventory app Android
Overfli inventory application
App is connected to scanners for inventory and helps employees automatically verify the stock and instantly fill in the reports.

Features that help optimize inventory management

Overfli mobile system updates the employees and management on the process of stocktaking in real time.

If the item is scanned wrong, the app will immediately recognize it and offer to rescan. If some parts are missing or misplaced, the app will determine it and signal for a double check. If the counting doesn’t match the checklist, the system will show it in the report and help address the mistakes as soon as possible. Here are other features of Overfli Android system that allow streamlining inventory:

  • Management can monitor and control inventory in the admin version and make quick adjustments to the work in a storage facility.
  • Automated reports on the stock keep the management in the loop and help make informed decisions, for example, to make timely parts reordering, optimize logistics and the use of space.
  • Management can remotely assign and schedule jobs for the employees and thus optimize workflow and time-use.

In business terms, all these benefits translate into saved cost, reduced working time, transparency of processes and better control over business assets. Moreover, this Android application can equally streamline inventory processes for any business dealing with storing and transporting items, merchandise and products, from a retail seller to automotive parts producer.

Android app inventory
Management monitors inventory in the admin area and adjusts the workload.


  • Enterprise Android app for automated storage inventory and reporting.
  • Online and offline operation modes.
  • Admin web version for monitoring and control on the management side.
  • Distributed user roles for employees and management.
  • Individual profiles and status updates for storage facilities and employees.
  • Remote job assignment and scheduling.
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