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Great yoga apps for instructors and students.

Doña Shine and Doña Rise apps

“We are moving from a world where you did all of your communications in one app to a world where communication is rolled into any app you would use,” said Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson. It means more solutions with embedded in-app communication capabilities appear in the market.

Digiteum developed exactly this kind of all-inclusive Apple apps. These are Doña Shine, probably, the best yoga app focused on core conditioning instructors and Doña Rise for their students. Today, Doña Shine and Doña Rise are available to new users in San Francisco and Panama City and via login access to all registered users around the globe.

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Best yoga apps for iPhone which enable instructor-to-student communication.

Doña Shine app for instructors

Yoga and core conditioning instructors use Doña Shine. This yoga application allows them to build up and develop personal profiles, fill in important information related to their routines and moves, classes and scheduled body workouts, maintain student lists, broadcast events such as yoga retreats and seminars, conduct paid video sessions right in the app and create Compositions.

Composition is a short descriptive guide of each class an individual instructor gives, tagged according to its type and level of complexity. Composition list feature allows instructors to share core information about their classes using catchy images, yoga pose photos, techniques and descriptions and encourage students to engage and try their programs.

In order to manage paid video sessions, Doña Shine yoga app for iPhone is equipped with an interactive schedule for instructors and students and integrated with an in-app payment system. This is how it works.

wellness application composition
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Students can apply for educational in-app video sessions with instructors.

Video sessions in Doña Rise app

Using Twilio Cloud Communication Platform, Digiteum integrated video communication capabilities right into the apps. Now, when students want to conduct a private educational video session (for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes) with an instructor, they just need to put it into the monthly calendar on their Doña Rise iOS app.

Students choose the right instructor from the list, check the calendar and appoint a video session. Soon after that, both wellness apps schedule a set of individual notifications for the instructor and student to ensure show-up. Notifications pop up either on an iPhone or a wearable – Apple Watch – whichever is active and more intuitive to use at the moment. This adaptability makes Doña Shine and Doña Rise the best yoga iOS apps in this domain.

Meanwhile, the apps are integrated with Stripe system to make purchases. Stripe accepts payments for video classes from students, and once the sessions are over, transfers money to the instructors who conducted the sessions. Therefore, this system enables immediate payments and ensures secure in-app transactions.

As a result, in-app communication feature provides each student with direct access to one-on-one video sessions, keeps them informed on the events in the community, helps instructors engage with students and students match with instructors, routines and classes they are interested in. These features make Doña Rise the best yoga app for beginners.

wellness application backend
Functionality and features are processed on Salesforce CRM.

Backend technology: Salesforce

Core functionality and features for both instructors and students are processed on Salesforce CRM. Broad backend specification and capabilities include input data storage and processing, content management and smart display for Compositions, new instructor background verification against authorized databases.

Moreover, it’s planned to configure Salesforce-based analytics and visualization of video session statistics – quantity, duration, session and cancellation patterns, etc. This feature will allow to use data insights to improve conversion and optimize services both for students and instructors.

Wide functionality of both Doña Shine and Doña Rise wellness apps makes it a true virtue as one of the best yoga and meditation apps for wellness community. These P2P on-demand apps improve communication and matching between instructors and students, help instructors showcase their services and advertise related events, and soon will provide performance monitoring and analysis. In the long run, the apps increase engagement in health and wellness activities.

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Doña dual app can beat the best yoga app for iPad of iPhone.


  • End-to-end iOS app development from original design to submitting to App Store.
  • Best apps for yoga – Doña Shine and Doña Rise for easy communication between instructors and yoga students.
  • Integration with Twilio Cloud Communication platform for video sessions.
  • Integration with Stripe payment system for secure in-app purchases.
  • Salesforce backend for content and profile data management and soon video session statistics and monitoring.
  • Synchronization with wearables (Apple Watch) for timely notifications and reminders.
  • Interactive scheduling and calendars with events and appointments, student and instructor lists, personalized promotions and offers from yoga studios related to each app user’s interests.
  • Custom content in news feeds from wellness-related sources tailored to user preferences by tags.
  • Composition feature to showcase and promote classes and routines.
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