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Diaceutics case study
Diaceutics (UK)
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Global leader in diagnostic data analytics and services


Diaceutics is a global leader in diagnostic data analytics and services. The company headquartered in the UK has been on the market for more than a decade. Diaceutics has collected the largest repository of diagnostic testing data with a growing network of 2500+ labs in 51 countries.

At the beginning of 2020, Diaceutics set a goal to build the world’s first diagnostic testing solution that would provide all stakeholders in precision medicine (pharma, labs, diagnostic companies, etc.) with secure access to diagnostic testing data and create a network environment for effective collaboration and advancement in this area.

They put together the efforts of several tech companies to develop data processing software, ETL pipeline and services and launch the DXRX platform for precision medicine in less than a year.

Digiteum augmented the Diaceutics team and helped deliver the platform on a tight deadline.

Our role

Digiteum was assigned to select and qualify software engineers, DevOps, QA and data engineers to augment the efforts of Diaceutics and help the company deliver the platform on a tight deadline.

A team of 13 engineers on the Digiteum side, including a dedicated project manager and a data engineer, blended with the Diaceutics team and contributed to the development of the DXRX platform.

Our engineers take part in frontend and backend development, testing and DevOps work, help build a data processing and reporting system, support and advance a complex ETL flow and implement multiple integrations with data science tools and third-party services.

The platform was launched in October 2020 and has been receiving positive feedback from customers and partners since then.

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DXRX network connects different stakeholders in precision medicine.

Building a diagnostic network solution in less than a year

DXRX diagnostic network solution is a large cloud-based microservice-focused platform with a versatile web interface and diverse functionality. It consists of several modules and offers more than 50 services for end-users.

The network connects different stakeholders in precision medicine (labs, pharmaceuticals, researchers, diagnostic professionals, etc.) in one Marketplace — a vibrant environment where customers can profile, explore projects, open new or join existing collaborations and work together to solve global challenges in diagnostic testing.

Importantly, the network gives customers secure access to quality diagnostic testing data and tools to manipulate and extract insights from it. Digiteum engineers took the lead in the development of several data analytics, visualization and reporting tools such as Lab Mapping and Testing Dashboard.

The project had a tight deadline and was delivered on time and budget by the combined efforts of several tech agencies. As an integral part of this joint team, Digiteum engineers took part in and continue working on the frontend (Angular8) and Java-based backend development, integrations and configuration of third-party systems. QA lead and engineers perform full-cycle testing of the platform and work on a strategy to fully automate this process.

Digiteum became part of the team. They blended in with our team and there was no “us versus them” — it was one big team.

Ryan Keeling, CIO
3 DevOps from Digiteum support and maintain complex AWS infrastructure using IaC model.

AWS-based platform and big data ETL pipeline

DXRX network solution is based on multiple AWS services for big data analytics and management and involves a variety of technologies (ETL, data engineering), frameworks (AngularJS, SPring) and data science tools and methods (machine learning).

The core of the system is a complex ETL pipeline. It was designed and built to process and manage unstructured multiformat diagnostic data (test results, patient data, etc.) to sort, cleanse, anonymize, structure and transform this data into meaningful insights that provide value to customers. Having solid experience in building data processing pipelines, Digiteum engineers provide automation and support of the existing ETL pipeline, add data and improve the workflow according to the needs and requirements of data scientists. 3 DevOps engineers on the Digiteum side support and maintain complex AWS infrastructure using the Infrastructure as Code model, optimize deployment using the best practices of continuous integration (CI) and make sure the system is stable and error-free.

Since the platform was launched in October 2020, it has united several big pharma and diagnostic companies and dozens of labs with a common goal to improve the speed and quality of cancer diagnostic. This is just one of many use cases for this scalable multipurpose solution.


  • A team of 13 engineers, including data processing software developers, DevOps, QA, data engineers and management, put together on short notice to join the Diaceutics team and build an end-to-end network solution.
  • Development and launch of a scalable multifunctional platform for precision medicine professionals.
  • More than 50 proprietary and AWS-based services for data analytics, visualization, manipulation and collaboration.
  • Multifunctional web interface.
  • Automation, support and optimization of a complex ETL pipeline.
  • Industry-standard engineering practices, including CI and IaC, pair programming, unit testing, test automation, etc.
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