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How Do I? case study
How Do I? (UK)
2016, 2018, 2020
Inclusive Technology Prize
Bootcamp programme
Essex Challenge Dementia
How Do I app for dementia patients
How Do I? award-winning apps based on the concept of video learning.


A UK-based company, How Do I? is a group of assistive technology advocates and innovators who have focused efforts on creating mental health disability applications for people with learning difficulties. The company has already launched several mobile apps based on the concept of video learning. These applications have made an impact on the lives of people suffering from different mental illnesses, including dementia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism and Alzheimer’s.

The story of How Do I? tells us how mobile technology can actually improve the quality of life for many people.

Digiteum has been a trusted technology partner of How Do I? for years, first in collaboration with BAM Mobile and then as an independent development team. The team has developed and rolled out several native iOS and Android applications. Digiteum was assigned to develop an app for dementia and older adults, a supporting app for caregivers, and an app for people with learning disabilities.

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How Do I app for dementia patients and caregivers
App scans NFC stickers placed on everyday objects and shows contextual videos on how to use these objects.

Assistive apps enable independence

How Do I? applications for seniors and people with mental health problems are built on the concept of video-based learning and work with custom NFC stickers. The stickers are placed on everyday objects such as a coffee maker or a drawer and linked to prerecorded videos that teach how to use these objects. Using recognition technology, the app scans and identifies an NFC sticker and immediately plays an instructional video associated with it.

Learning disabilities app development requires a special approach. How Do I? apps are built using the best practices of human-centered design. They were designed to encourage users to learn and develop essential skills for independent living, overcome cognitive and memory difficulties, enhance self-confidence and self-reliance.

How Do I? mobile solution has many applications. It can work as a memory trainer app for learning disabilities and help develop and train new staff work skills and communicate experience. This application was recognized by IKEA when How Do I? was chosen 1 of 10 services for IKEA Bootcamp programme.

We trust them entirely and can rely on them to deliver on time, and to always impress us with the quality of their work and their understanding of our business needs. Digiteum consistently exceed our expectations.

Taryl Law CEO & Co-founder
How do I logo
How Do I mobile app for dementia patients
How Do I? app is an indispensable tool for people with additional needs.

Refresh app for dementia patients and caregivers

Refresh is a video learning mobile tool designed and built specifically for people with dementia and their caregivers. Refresh platform consists of two apps — native iOS and Android Player app for dementia patients and native Android Creator Studio for caregivers or anyone who looks after the people suffering from dementia or similar disorders.

Creator Studio is a video editor that allows anyone to quickly and easily create step-by-step instructional videos and link them to NFC stickers. All you need is to record a small video for each step, add notes, and the app will do the rest. It will compile a full-on instructional sequence, synch the editor’s notes and create the ID that will later be associated with a relevant NFC sticker.

When building a support app for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, it was important to factor the declining health and memory capabilities of such patients. Therefore, the Creator Studio app has an essential feature to modify and extend instructional videos over time to make them more detailed and clear. Additionally, this app has a monetization component and enables the distribution of licensed keys to logged-in users.

Player app for dementia patients is an intuitive tool for video playback. It was designed and built according to the requirements and comments of real caregivers who look after the elderly and people with mental disorders. When pointed at an active NFC sticker, it reads its ID and immediately starts playing an instructional video associated with it. The app can either find the video in a local video library or upload it from the server.

How Do I app for dementia and Alzheimer's
Recognition Award in Nesta’s Inclusive Technology Prize*.


  • NFC-enabled video tutorial platform that helps users get new skills and manage everyday tasks.
  • Development of Android and iOS video learning apps for people with mental disabilities.
  • Development of an app used for Alzheimer’s and dementia patient support.
  • End-to-end mobile app development of a video editor for creating instructional videos and linking them to NFC stickers.
  • Best practices of user-centered design.
  • *Awarded a Recognition Award in Nesta’s Inclusive Technology Prize.*
  • *Chosen as 1 of 10 services in the world to work with IKEA through the IKEA Bootcamp programme.*
  • *Essex Challenge Dementia Programme 2018*
  • *AAL Smart Aging Judges’ Prize Winner 2018*
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