High-Load Web System Development

Printique case study
Adorama Camera (US)
High-load web system development
Printique: a leading photo printing lab in the US.


Printique is one of the leading photo laboratories in the US and a branch brand of a top photo and video equipment retailer, Adorama Camera.

Printique provides a wide range of photo printing services from photo books and albums to wall decor prints on metal, wood, and canvas. The company serves millions of customers, including amateurs and pro photographers. Furthermore, Printique collaborates with other photo labs to provide printing services to partners and expand its offer to customers.

Digiteum helps Printique stay ahead of the competition.

Our role

Digiteum has been a trusted technology partner of Printique for more than a decade. Our job is to help Printique maintain its operational excellence and technological edge. We make sure the company’s technology infrastructure and online services are high-performing and top-notch. Among the services we provide are high-load system development and maintenance, integrations with third-party services, design and development of new digital products and services, web and mobile app design and development, ETL pipeline development, data visualization and analytics, quality assurance and ongoing tech support.

To date, the team of 15 full-stack software engineers, managers, designers, and QA engineers work on a full-time basis and help Printique stay ahead of the competition.

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high-load system development
Printique offers dozens of photo products and services.

Complex frontend made responsive and interactive


  • www.printique.com is a high-load web system that provides users with dozens of photo products and services, including elaborate photo-book builders and wizards. Every service and workflow should be designed intuitive and easy-to-use regardless of its complexity.
  • The company serves different categories of customers with varying tech and photo editing skills.
  • Printique operates in a highly-competitive market. The quality of eCommerce experience on www.printique.com directly impacts the conversion rate, customer engagement and retention, and therefore, the company’s bottom line.
Every tool and service is intuitive, easy to learn and navigate.


When developing a high-load system for Printique, we pay particular attention to creating the optimal user experience. Digiteum team has put a lot of effort to balance the functionality and usability of the web system and ensure every tool and service is intuitive, easy to learn and navigate. Additionally, we have built unique digital tools that make ordering experience convenient and enjoyable.

For example, the team has designed and developed several HTML 5 editors and wizards to create custom photo products such as photo books and calendars. These tools are equipped with a wide range of features that put them in the same category as Photoshop and other pro editors. Smart auto-fill features and a rich base of templates make the process of creating a complex photo product convenient and easy even for an inexperienced user. They save customers a lot of time, too. Behind these tools are high-end technologies and smart algorithms that make them run fast and render beautifully on any browser.

To help Printique increase the rate of wall decor orders, Digiteum developed a Wall Decor Wizard. It allows users to recreate their custom interiors in an editor, try different wall decor variants and make orders based on what they see in just several clicks.

And that is not all. Printique provides a line of services for pro photographers, such as White Label Galleries and Stores. Our tech team has developed these services with a big focus on pros’ requirements and business goals. We’ve added useful features for photographer-client collaboration in the galleries, sharing and custom pricing options. These features allow the photographers use Printique pro services as full-on showrooms and points of sale.

website redesign services
Performance Monitoring and Control
The system should work fast and flawlessly all the time.

Multiple workflows and ETL pipelines


  • The system works with hundreds of gigabytes of image data daily and processes terabytes of data monthly.
  • Traffic tends to double or even triple every holiday season. Despite that, the system should work fast and flawlessly all the time.
  • At the backend, multiple workflows and data pipelines should be put together and work coherently and securely.
Performance ETL pipeline collects metrics and runs them to Elasticsearch for analysis.


The development of high-load web applications and systems like Printique requires serious work at the backend.

Digiteum team is continuously working on a functional back office for Printique’s production, management and support departments. There are multiple production lines and processes that evolve and develop in time. New departments appear, algorithms and reporting systems become increasingly complex. And every department has unique requirements and needs. We put all the workflows and processes together and make sure the back office works in a coherent and coordinated way and can scale up on demand.

Digiteum has developed custom tools tailored to the needs of different departments. For example, the lab got a performance monitoring tool based on ELK solutions for data analytics and visualization. This system helps monitor and control the lab’s performance in real-time and avoid slowdown regardless of the growing traffic influx. Another example is an efficient reporting tool that updates Printique management on financial results.

Real-time performance analytics and insights.

Additionally, nearly every workflow and process involves working with massive volumes of data. Digiteum has designed and developed several efficient ETL pipelines so that Printique could get the best of all the data the company has.

There’s a performance ETL pipeline that collects metrics from edge nodes, runs them through a Logstash pipeline to Elasticsearch platform for data analytics, visualization and reporting. Customer data goes through another pipeline. It aggregates important customer activity data daily, runs it through different third-party systems, such as Salesforce, Klaviyo, Kustomer, Evergage. As a result, marketing, sales, management and customer support experts at Printique receive valuable insights, can make data-driven decisions and build efficient strategies. Financial data is also collected daily and processed by Tableau data analytics and visualization tools.

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high-load system development
Printique is integrated with the platforms for quick sign-in, payment processing, photo upload, etc.

Integrations and regular migration to new platforms


  • Printique is a huge system integrated with many third-party systems, partners as well as cutting-edge tech tools and industry-specific hardware — printing equipment.
  • To stay top-notch, the system continuously evolves, migrates to new platforms and adopts new technologies. All these changes and integrations should go smoothly and unnoticed at the frontend.
We help Printique migrate to new platforms to stay on top and keep up with tech trends.


High-load system development of this scale wouldn’t be possible without the integration with multiple third-party services and platforms.

To create a seamless eCommerce user experience, Digiteum integrated Printique web system with multiple platforms for quick sign-in, secure payment processing, social media sharing as well as cloud storages to upload photos and customer support services.

To implement marketing, sales, performance monitoring and analytics, the system is integrated with large data analytics and CRM platforms including Salesforce, Tableau, ELK.

Moreover, Printique has an affiliate program and API to integrate with a network of partners and provide printing services on a B2B basis. The company itself partners with other large printing labs, among which is Fuji, to extend its printing services and provide gift options to customers.

To keep Printique’s services high-end, Digiteum has implemented several integrations with high-tech services including Google Vision for image recognition and understanding. Additionally, the team helps Printique integrate professional printing hardware into the lab’s workflows.

And of course, to help Printique stay on top and keep up with tech trends and changes on the market, Digiteum team helps the company migrate to new platforms, integrate new technologies and introduce new services. Just recently, Printique has switched from Zendesk to Kustomer for support service. The web system has also migrated several times, first to Umbraco, and then to WordPress CMS. It should be noted that every crucial change of this scale requires a custom strategy to implement the migration seamlessly and on time and make sure it won’t impact customer experience and the company’s business in general.

website redesign services
website redesign services
White Label Galeries are focused on pro photographers and extend Printique's B2B offer.

Unique services, products, and solutions

Throughout the years of collaboration, Digiteum team helped Printique create and integrate a whole range of unique online services. White Label Galeries is one of the recent solutions fully focused on pro photographers that extends Printique offer on the B2B market. As mentioned earlier, this SaaS solution allows pro photographers to create their custom galleries, collaborate with clients right in the galleries, set their own prices and sell photo products online.

Another unique service we described before is HTML5 editors and wizards. These tools are built on proprietary algorithms and fully automate the creation of complex photo products. These digital tools turn hours-long editing to an easy process that takes only several minutes.

Not only is it simple to make a photo book on www.printique.com, but also the result is immaculate thanks to another technology solution. Digiteum team made sure the printed photo book would look exactly as it did in a web browser. To make it possible, the team figured how to render hi-res books on the backend using the combination of node.js and opentype.js, preserve all the fonts and every little detail of the original and print the photo products that meet customer expectations.

The technological agility that the team provides is our biggest market strength. The project management, design, and development that they provide is second to none.

David Nicoletti, former CMO & Product Owner
Printique logo
website redesign services
High-load system development for a large photo printing lab.


  • Custom high-load system development for a large photo printing laboratory.
  • Decade-long tech partnership and dozens of projects across web and mobile design and development, data ETL pipelines, third-party integrations, etc.
  • Design and development of unique B2C and B2B digital services and products, custom algorithms, HTML5 editors and wizards.
  • Unique technology solutions to provide excellent customer experience on the frontend and flawless operation on the backend.
  • Extensive tech stack, including .NET Core 6, Entity Framework, SQL Server 2014, RabbitMQ, GraphicMill, Node.js, React, New Relic, GitLab CI, Kubernetes.
  • A team of 15 full-stack software engineers, business analysts, managers, designers and QA engineers continuously working on a project.
  • Integration of modern engineering practices including fully-automated CI/CD pipelines and Kubernetes deployment.
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